2013 guildford design award for daedalus conservation

Daedalus Conservation, a division of R W Armstrong, was delighted to recently be awarded the 2013 Guildford Design Award for its restoration of the roof and cupola at Guildford's historic Guildhall (pictured below).  Deadalus Conservation undertook significant structural repairs to this iconic building, to stabilise the cupola bell tower and repair and re-roof the main hall and council chamber, working in liaison with architects Cooper & Withycombe.

Gary Jones, General Manager of Daedalus Conservation said: "We are delighted that the craftsmanship and management skills demonstrated on the Guildhall project have been acknowledged by some of the country’s leading experts."

R W Armstrong also picked up a Commendation for Orange Court Farm for its refurbishment and conversion into commercial and residential premises of the old farm and dairy building on the Loosely Estate in Littleton, in conjunction with Philips Chartered Surveyors.   

Simon Lewis, Manager Director of both companies said:  "We are proud to be awarded these accolades from the borough of Guildford and to be recognised for the quality of the finished work on both of these projects. Daedalus Conservation was established just under two years ago, so it's fantastic for our growing historic conservation and repair division to be rewarded for its specialist knowledge for one of their projects during its first year of operation."