carpentry and joinery

Dædalus Conservation offer a complete carpentry and joinery service from on site conservation and repair to providing new bespoke joinery through its highly regarded traditional joinery workshops. Our services include:

  • Design development and construction detail drawings
  • Manufacture of high quality bespoke joinery
  • Fine joinery and furniture making
  • Heavy oak framing
  • Conservation and repair
  • Replacement of missing or damaged sections
  • Structural repairs and strengthening
  • Sash window overhall and repair
  • Carving
  • French polishing and traditional finishes
  • On site construction and installation

Dædalus Conservation has experience of working with most of the timbers used in British architectural carpentry and joinery. The company uses traditional methods, craft skills and materials to conserve, repair, or replace timbers that have decayed or been damaged. 

Dædalus works closely with clients, architects and its joiners to achieve finished results that are aesthetically inspiring and thoughtfully detailed for heritage, historical, National Trust or period buildings.