about us

Dædalus Conservation is a specialist contractor with extensive experience working with Britain's built heritage. We are a small team based in rural Dorset, working on projects across the UK. Our purpose is to preserve and protect ancient buildings, through the use of traditional trades. Every building has a story; we combine our present knowledge with the utmost sensitivity and historic context, to maintain original beauty and character.   

Dædalus provides a comprehensive range of specialist services in historic building repair and conservation as either a principal or specialist contractor, including;

  • Masonry
  • Carpentry & Joinery
  • Plasterwork, Plain & Decorative
  • Brickwork & Terracotta
  • Fine Conservation
  • Decoration
  • Roofing & Leadwork
  • Surveys, Consultancy and Advice

The company’s name Dædalus is, in Greek mythology, the skilled craftsman and artisan; also credited for building the Labyrinth, which has inspired the logo.