Dædalus is always keen to offer its experience and knowledge of what worked well where and, what didn’t to the client and their professional team pre-contract. Where appropriate, the company can assist professional design teams, local authorities, development companies, individual owners and custodians of historic property with advice or consultancy, including:

  • Conditions surveys and reports
  • Pre-contract Surveys, recording, opening up, trials, samples, and cost assessments
  • Preparation of detailed and precise Specifications of Workmanship and Materials
  • Quantified Schedules of Work or Bills of Quantities on specific and complex elements of work for inclusion in tender documentation

Dædalus also provide design input and has trained draughtsmen, who are AutoCad literate. The company can develop its own drawings, templets and rods, or equally it can interpret loose design intents and develop, draw and build them into reality.