historic mansion

Project:  Re-roofing and refurbishment of historic 16th Century mansion

Architect:  Philips Chartered Surveyors

This historic manor house near Guildford has been occupied by the same family since 1568, and the original estate features in the Domesday book of 1086. Dædalus was commissioned to carry out conservation work to the chimneys and stonework.

A condition survey of the stonework was undertaken and a repair strategy developed to address the various problems identified, which included weathering, fracturing, decay and inappropriate previous intervention.

Each section was considered with the utmost sensitivity, taking into account the risks and benefits, relative to the long term health of the building. Great care was taken to preserve as much of the original fabric as possible.

Our stonemasonry team carried out the replacement of quoins, localised pinning and repointing, as well as mortar and fracture repair. Sheltercoating was applied to the vulnerable clunch façade, a combination of putty, lime, fine stonedusts and fine sand.

In addition to the stonework, our specialist team undertook repairs and redecoration to the clock face. The house has now been restored and preserved for future generations of the family to enjoy.